Fire Safety

Fire alarm system

Installations and systems of fire alarm, warning and control of evacuation of people in case of fire should provide automatic detection of fire within time necessary to enable fire alarm systems to organize safe (taking into account the additional fire risk) evacuation of people in the conditions of a particular facility


Warning and evacuation system

An integral part of the safety system of large commercial and public facilities is the warning system. The main purpose of the warning and evacuation management system is the timely informing the employees of the organization and / or visitors about the emerged emergency. For example, a fire or a natural disaster.

The notification system consists of the following components:


  • Computer (for digital system) or radio electronic unit (for analog system)
  • Signal switching unit
  • Sound amplifying equipment
  • Audio source
  • Speakers
  • Lighting devices

Fire extinguishing system

Automatic fire extinguishing system - is set of technical measures intended for fire detection, processing, transmission in a specified form of notification of a fire, special information and (or) issuing commands to the inclusion of automatic fire extinguishing installations and inclusion of Executive systems, smoke protection, technological and engineering equipment, and also other devices for fire protection.

            Fire water system

            Fire extinguishing system

            CO2 suppression system



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