Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The automation and management system offered by us is the core of an intelligent building and represents a hardware-software complex that collects, stores and analyzes data from various building systems, as well as it controls the operation of these systems through network controllers (processors)


HVAC products – low energy consumption thanks to efficient products
  • Automatic control of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, lighting, etc., providing in each room the most comfortable conditions for personnel in terms of temperature, air humidity and illumination; 
  • Acquisition of reliable information about operation and conditions of all systems and promptly inform dispatchers of the need to call service specialists in case of deviation of parameters of any of the systems from the standard indicators; 
  • Control of the maximum possible number of equipment parameters, control points in the building and the load factors of the systems, balancing of energy resources between the systems, ensuring their efficient utilization and saving of energy resources; 
  • Implementation of optimal control mode for engineering equipment in order to reduce costs of energy resources consumed by the building's engineering systems (hot and cold water, heat, electricity, clean air, etc.); 
  • Provision of centralized control and management in emergency situations; 
  • Execution of timely localization of emergency situations;
  • Prompt decisions in emergency situations (fire, flooding, water leakage, gas, unauthorized access to protected premises); 
  • Analysis of equipment operations, actions of engineering services and security units in emergency situations on the basis of information from automated databases, logging of all decisions taken, and much more.
Control system of recirculating air-handling unit

Control heating system 

Control venilation system