Industrial solutions

Continuous search for new technological solutions and development of technologies made it possible to introduce industrial automation systems in all areas of production. Every year more and more managers of industrial enterprises think of industrial automation, clearly understanding all the economic advantages that they will get, thanks to modern industrial automation systems.


Building Materials Manufacturing

Requirements to durability and safety of construction materials impose strict conditions towards process automation. Our solutions consider all norms and regulations required by legislation and best practices for production of cement, lime, insulation materials, construction boards and other products.


Advanced and reliable automation solutions help increase productivity and safety of plants and improve product quality. Our systems successfully manage extreme conditions of ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing such as melting, casting, rolling, including water treatment and gas cleaning..


Oil And Gas

Our proved solutions ensure optimum conditions and reliability for processes of extraction, refinery and delivery. Distributed measurements and remote controls are available even in distant areas for continuous monitoring and control in order to achieve the highest process efficiency.


Safe, reliable and efficient control of power plants including turbines, boilers, switchgears and auxiliary systems is possible due to use of first-class solutions that ensure uninterruptible power supply for all types of consumers.


Extractive Industry

Extensive experience in mining industry gives us opportunities to offer valuable cost-efficient solutions for stand-alone large drives such winches, fans, mills as well as complex automation systems for the whole chains of material mining, processing and transportation.

      Food Production

Quality of produced food plays important role for human’s health. Our systems and solutions are certified according to the latest regulations of this kind. They ensure the highest mark of respective standards while keeping customer’s business efficient and profitable.


Chemical Industry

Safety cannot be compromised in the chemical industry. We offer certified and proven solutions for explosive environment and aggressive media, which keep all processes in the defined limits. High accuracy of instrumentation and control systems ensure the best product quality.


Intelligent systems that help to control road traffic provide safety and reliability to the mass transit solutions. AVATRI provides solutions for local control of the traffic as well as integrated systems for traffic organization and parking.

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